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Welcome to Ditos Motors


Ditos Motors started in 2004 but they go back further than that. The owners both started back in 1994 and 1995. In 1999 they got involved with the performance end of the automotive business. Robert got his start in Mustangs, Camaros, and a bunch of other import cars. The first project he started was a 1991 Galant vr4 for a buddy. It started as a high 15 second and ended up as a mid 12 second sleeper ripping up the track and the would be racers on the streets. David got his start with British cars. He specializes in about all British cars new and old. Whether it’s a Mini Cooper an old Jaguar he can fix it up.

Starting in 1999 when they got into the performance scene they started working out of Roberts garage in South City. Working nights and weekends after their day jobs at their work doing tune ups, smog, electrical diagnostics, and rebuilds. They’ll do what ever it takes to get a job done right and on time. They would work until three in the morning fixing up the cars before racing at CMI in Sacramento. Eventually things started getting out of hand. With only a small garage, neighbors started getting upset with all the cars taking up the parking. With their hands full they realized they had a business going and it was time to move in to a real shop.

In 2004 Robert was lucky enough to rent the building next to the shop he worked at during the day. The two of them quickly made the transition to the new shop. Still working their day jobs they both worked out of the shop at night and the weekends until April 2006 when they purchased the building. Its now a full service shop doing everything from basic maintenance like tune-ups, brakes, alignments, A/C service, etc. to all out performance mods including dyno tuning.